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Bedroom | September 26, 2022

Customer Needs

With an emphasis on remote work and work-from-home today, there are increasing considerations for home spaces to have more secluded and private areas for work and study. As opposed to one large common area and living rooms which can distracting and results in unproductiveness.


The design challenge was to create a multi-functional and secular workspace for the family – that can be used as a study/work area or be easily convertible into a bedroom for guests when necessary.


The room features a Murphy bed that can be converted into a bed for visiting guests or for a quick nap, as well as a spacious two-seater built-in sleek work desk with ample storage space. Additionally, there are see-through retractable glass door covers with a lightweight curtain to ensure privacy while still being aware of the situation. The room is designed with a dark tone and warm light to create a calm and cozy environment, creating a serene workspace for both work and study.


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