Japandi | Bond and grow together

Bedroom | September 26, 2022

Customer Needs

The inspiration was to create a fun and lively multi-use room that enabled both their children to foster bonds while studying and playing together. The design needed to incorporate fun and interesting elements while catering to schooling children.


The design challenge was to integrate study and sleeping area within a room, while still having ample storage for the two growing primary school children (P5 and P6) and space for adult supervision.


The design approach prioritised a multi-functional space that is both light and lively, making the space feel bigger. To create more space for the children’s activities, we built a kid-friendly floor-to-ceiling bunk beds, study cabinet and full-height wardrobe, making full use of vertical space. This provides ample storage area and also accommodate to the children’s growing needs.


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4-Room HDB

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