Urban Modern: Overcoming Space Challenges with Smart Design Solutions

Bedroom | September 26, 2022

Customer Needs

The homeowner desired a modern and darker colour scheme with versatile storage and multi-functional areas for compact apartments, while maintaining a sleek, sophisticated and practical aesthetic. The layout was also tailored to give their teenage son more personal space.


The design challenge was to strike a balance between functionality and aesthetics - creating a bedroom that accommodated a teenager’s need for ample personal space and effective storage solutions.


The design approach prioritised a smart design solution to maximise storage and space efficiently, while still allowing room for movement. We incorporated a muti-functional tatami bed, which doubles up as a stylish storage and a bed. We also built a fully customised full-height cabinet which allows ample space for their growing teenage son’s needs.


Date of completion


Size of property

4 Room HDB

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